5 bra tips från Howard Kaushansky

Apropå, Umbria (se tidigare inlägg). I PC Worlds artikel om PR Newswires och Umbrias lansering av “MediaSense™ Blog Measurement”, så nämnde Umbrias VD, Howard Kaushansky, fem tips på bra strategier när det gäller “Internet PR”:

  • Understand that it’s all about communication, and encourage it. There will be a “lot of ugly discussion,” he said. But companies should create forums for their customers to say whatever they want to say–good or bad.
  • Reach out to the most influential members of your online communities, and in so doing, understand that every one of them is an individual. Some like to be contacted directly, while others like to interact only in a forum.
  • Establish consumer advocacy programs by giving the community early information about new products, and even provide members with advance versions of the products. Then let them comment freely about the products.
  • Transparency and honesty matter. Companies or company representatives who get involved in online communities need to make it plain who they are and what they represent. “There is nothing wrong with saying ‘I’m from this company and I’d like to know how we can fix this problem,'” Kaushansky said. Pretending to be someone other than a representative of the company can lead to a public relations disaster.

Att tänka på….

One Response

  1. dojan: Helt klart så har medialandskapet förändrats och det är dags för media och marketing att vakna och lukta på kaffet. Goda råd, men jag tror att det det som saknas är det som Peter poängterade på frukostmötet. Ödmjukhet.

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