Brendan at Hill & Knowlton: “we are in consideration phase of social media adoption”

Brendan Hodgson at Hill & Knowlton thinks that he and his colleagues are in a “consideration phase” of social media adoption. In his blog he says  there “are four phases that characterize the level of social media adoption or sophistication within an organization or agency setting, at least as it relates to PR”

Awareness: Gaining a basic understanding of what “it” (meaning social media) is

Consideration: Developing the capacity to identify opportunities to use “it”, yet finding oneself limited in identifying what the opportunities might be.

Integration: Connecting the dots between traditional PR and social media… and realizing the value inherent in strategically integrating the two.

Optimization: Identifying new opportunities to create ‘breakthrough’ campaigns that further extend the value of social media within a PR/marketing context.

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