Ny bok om PR 2.0 – en brandfackla


I slutet av förra året släppte Geoff Livingston, känd med bloggen “The Buzz Bin“, boken “Now is Gone“. Boken som han delvis skrev tillsammans med Brian Solis, känd med sin blogg “PR 2.0“, handlar om just PR 2.0. Och är det bästa jag läst sen David Meerman Scotts bok “The New Rules of Marketing & PR“.

Nu har jag i ärlighetens namn endast läst de 50 första sidorna, men vill ändå rekommendera alla som arbetar med PR-kommunikativa frågor, att investera i ett par timmars underhållande och lärorik läsning, som i bästa fall också kan leda till professionella framgångar.

Brian inleder boken. Här några citat:

“Public Relations is the most misunderstood and undervalued art in marketing communications. Company executives don’t understand it, ans as a result can’t appreciate it. ”

“Here’s an inane, yet typcial underestimation of the PR process: Let’s say a company has news. First, we write a press release and fill it with jargon, adectives, more information than anyone could possible interpret and digest, add fake quotes, and spin the hell out of it for good measure. Then we send it fo our top reporters and place it on the wire. Within moments, we’re asked about the status of coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, etc. This isn’t PR.”

“The landscape for collecting and sharing news is changing, and it’s going to push PR out from behind the curtain into the spotlight. This book is intended to bring the conversation of the new world of PR directly to you.”

“Social media is the one of the most important ingredients in PR 2.0. People now have a completely different routine and process for reading, interacting with, and sharing information. The other ingredients for PR 2.0 include listening, reading, transparency, participation, and understanding people’s needs and the unique channels that reach them.”

“With the advent of PR 2.0, we must now act and practice relations by combining sociology with the tools currently available for transparent conversations. We have to be part of the communities in which we wish to participate, and in order to do that, we must act as patrons first, never as overzealous marketers. Without transparency and understanding, we wont’t be invited back to the conversations that are taking place without us.”

Geoff har arbetat som marknadsstrateg i Washington DC i 14 år på uppdrag av bl a AT&T, the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bartleby Books, BEA Systems, Hughes Network Systems, ManTech, the Washington Nationals, Intelsat, Verizon Wireless.

Jag återkommer med en fullfjädrad analys av boken och därtill hörande kommentarer, när jag läst och smält hela boken.

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