Google lägger ner utveckling av mikrobloggen Jaiku

Google har tröttnat på att utveckla mikrobloggen Jaiku, och gör istället en open source av tjänsten.

“We’re going open source” rubricerar man idag ett inlägg i bloggen Jaikido. Och skriver:

“As we mentioned last April, we are in the process of porting Jaiku over to Google App Engine. After the migration is complete, we will release the new open source Jaiku Engine project on Google Code under the Apache License. While Google will no longer actively develop the Jaiku codebase, the service itself will live on thanks to a dedicated and passionate volunteer team of Googlers.

With the open source Jaiku Engine project, organizations, groups and individuals will be able to roll-their-own microblogging services and deploy them on Google App Engine. The new Jaiku Engine will include support for OAuth, and we’re excited about developers using this proven code as a starting point in creating a freely available and federated, open source microblogging platform.

Spännande, inte minst för Newsdesk som sneglat på mikrobloggen som en del av sitt tjänsteutbud…

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