First radio reporter using iPhone as primary field recorder

Journalism has truly turned up side down. And I think that’s just great. I just ran into a few great examples of that:

First of all check out the WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein, who has replaced his heavy radio equipment on an iPhone. He’s writing about this interesting change in MediaShift. And it’s truly inspiring. In particular for those who want to go out on the field to cover, create, and distribute remarkable stories direct to their audience. It hasn’t been easier than now.

Neal describes himself in his Twitter bio as follows:
“Believe I’m first major market radio reporter using iPhone as primary field recorder.”

And he says:
“Now, with the Apple iPhone 4 and several apps, I can produce intricate audio and video reports, broadcast live, take and edit photos, write web content and distribute it through social media from a single device.”

“With the VC Audio Pro app from VeriCorder, I can quickly pull cuts, edit and assemble audio wraps, and adjust volumes on a three-track screen similar to the popular Adobe Audition used in many newsrooms. The amount of time saved by not having to boot up the laptop and transfer audio has been my single greatest workflow improvement. The finished report that used to take 30 minutes to produce and transmit can now be done in 10.

This is a rundown of all the key ways he’s using on and with his iPhone.

Neal Augenstein hasn’t a journalist page – yet. But Nicholas D. Kristof has. He’s one of the top journalists that might got inspired of the possibilities that Justin Osofsky, Director of Media Partnerships at Facebook, talking about on the brand new Facebook page “Journalists on Facebook”. The page has been created: “to serve as an ongoing resource for the growing number of reporters using Facebook to find sources, interact with readers, and advance stories.”

Justin says that “The Page will provide journalists with best practices for integrating the latest Facebook products with their work and connecting with the Facebook audience of more than 500 million people.

I was actually one of the first to like that page, now one day later, they are ten thousands of journalists. And all of them are now asked to create professional pages on Facebook, for both reach and interact with their audience, listen to them, work with them, get ideas for articles of them, and so on. Some of them might already have done that, like Nicholas D. Kristof, that already has more than 200.000 “fans”. And some of them also bring their page to their newspapers bylines like Robert Fisk at The Independent. Why not?

I’m pretty sure that many journalist now will take the oppertunity to use this possiblity, to get more out of their daily work. Some of them will be CNN journalists if they haven’t already joined “the Facebook revolution”. And the media itself is no exception… Look at NPR or the very small local news blog Rockville Central.

When I talked to Nick Wrenn, vice president of digital services for CNN International, during the conference Social Media World Forum, in London, he said that Facebook is an equally obvious that common source of information and meeting point. But he would rather emphasize CNN’s iReport and Open Stories as the public Forum for meeting, collaboration, and sharing, between CNN journalists and their audience.

Höglunds misshandel kampanj för känt försäkringsbolag

Nu är det bekräftat. Elisabet Höglunds misshandel av MC är en viral kampanj för känt försäkringsbolag.  Så alla ni som anat upptåget, eller känt er förvirrade – nu vet ni! Your call!

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Medborgarjournalist vittne till Elisabet Höglunds MC-misshandel idag?

Vad har det tagit åt Elisabet Höglund!? Av ren tillfällighet kunde en av stockholms “medborgarjournlister” idag dokumentera hur Elisabet Höglund ger sig på en av stadens “bikers” och hans mc. Till synes helt oprovoserat skäller hon ut killen för att han kört upp med sin mc under Svampen på Stureplan i Stockholm. Strax därefter klipper hon till offret med en tidning. För att slutligen ge sig på och välta hans mc.

Elisabet Höglund är, åtminstone dittills, en relativt högt skattad och välrenomerad journalist, som levererat kvalitetsjournalistik sen tidigt 70-tal, inte minst för SVT och där för Aktuellt, Rapport och Uppdrag granskning. Numer kanske mer känd hos folket som den tappra dansösen i TV4’s Let’s dance.

Vad kan vi dra för slutsatser av detta?

1) Att det vi anade faktiskt stämmer; Elisabeth Höglund har flippat ur? 2) Att ingen slipper undan “medborgarjournalisterna”. De är överallt? 3) Eller att PR-kupper på YouTube blir vanligare?

Läs theRealMymlan.

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