24timmar.se the most remarkable re-launch of the year

I love local news. And I do think there are great possibilities to make something really smart in that area. But 24timmar.se must be the most remarkable re-launch of the year.

You do remember the highlight of local news before the turn of the century? It all started 1997 in Örebro with the great ambition to conquer the local news market in Sweden, and even abroad. Only one year later some of the employees won “Bonniers Stora Journalistpris” which is one of the most prestigious journalist prizes you can get. With funding from Medströms and Intelligence Ventshare, they became like 60 employees at the turn of the century. But no one were willing to save the company when the dot com bubble burst.
Now, 10 years later, one of the former owner, Krister Bengtsson, also known as the former owner of the news agency Sveriges Nyheter, is back in business. But what it this all about? Well – not much? It all look like Sveriges Nyheters news feed, they’re already selling to their customers like Blocket and others. No more – no less.
Krister says:
“The idea is that 24timmar.se will be Sweden’s most simple news site. As Teletext, but for devices like mobile and IPAD’s. A news site as I would like it to be, to keep me posted with the latest news.”
Well – I can’t see the value or the business… But I might be blind?


Sveriges Nyheters grundare säljer och byter sida

Krister Bengtsson har sålt sin baby – nyhetsbyrån Sveriges Nyheter – som han grundade för ca sex år sen. Nyhetsbyrån hade hittat en liten nisch i skuggan av TT, där man fokuserade sig på scanna av webben på händelser, för att sälja som snabba nyheter till webbmedia.  Nyheterna såldes till diverse traditionella webbmedier, men även till tjänster dom Blocket.se.
Nye ägaren blir den Nordiska Tidningsbolaget som säljer features, inte sällan förpackade och klara, till media.
– Vi ser att Sveriges Nyheter med sina snabba nyheter kompletterar våra tjänster inom feature, säger Håkan Lövström, grundare och vd för Nordiska Tidningsbolaget.

Krister kommer istället fokusera sig på att bevaka omvärlden på uppdrag av företag och liknande i sin relativt nystartade låda Rewriter.

Lycka till Krister.

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