LinkedIn Today – far away from beeing essential source for professional insights

Well…. No I don’t think LinkedIn will make it? I might be wrong but I don’t think LinkedIn’s new social news platform – LinkedIn Today – will be the place where people will find their industry news.

LinkedIn says to be the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories. And that’s impressive considering that it was only eight years ago co-founder Reid Hoffman started it all out in his living room. But LinkedIn has since then became the place where people has been uploaded and provided both their professional profiles and their curriculum vitae’s (CV’s) in order to connect with professionals and get job offers. And vice versa – Linkedin has become the service where you find employment and hire people.

Don’t forget 42 percent of 2010 revenue came from hiring solutions ($101.8 million), 33 percent from marketing ($79.3 million); and 25 percent from premium subscriptions ($61.9 million).

According to Techcrunch: “One of the first objectives for the company is that it wants to become the professional profile of record, across the web. The second objective is to be the essential source for professional insights.” Check on the first one, but what about the other one?

Yes some of the activites on the site derives from the groups section. But I have no reason to believe that these services are particularly busy. In fact quite the opposite: When LinkedIn describe their own service in their about-section, they only mention the number of members and not their activites… Except the people searches which says to be nearly two billion in 2010.

How on earth will they get you as a member to “start your day” with LinkedIn Today? As they put it in the “introduction” video and “… stay on top of what happens in your industry”?

Will LinkedIn change all that? I don’t get it. What I do get, is that for an example Flipboard on Ipad combined with for an example your Google Reader and Twitter account, is an excellent way to both start and continue the day.

But – as I said – I might be wrong; LinkedIn Today might be a kick ass service on Ipad, but for the moment I’m not particularly impressed.

4 Responses

  1. This must be an endorsement for something or someone else; otherwise your commentary does not make sense. Better a million choices of social platforms than an oligopoly. When censorship, moralism and conformity applies to many of the actors within the field of social media today Linked in and particularly the groups of highly skilled professionals that discuss heaven and earth on this platform it gets attention. This attention generates interest and deepens the work and the subject you are dealing with, without the gossip or finger pointing, distractions or “likings”. To my mind that creates competence and ultimately growth.

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  4. […] med integration från fler kanaler och forum. Vill ni läsa mer om Linkedin tipsar jag om Newsdesk PR 2.0 och HR-bloggen. Det här inlägget postades i Gilla Kommunikation, Kommunikation, PR, Sociala […]

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